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Welcome to Parker's Online Pneumatic Sizing & Selection Tool

Using the Size & Select tool

Enter information about your application and let the Virtual Engineer guide you to the right actuator.  Hover over the question mark icons to gain additional information about that particular area.

  1. Start in the Operating Parameters box and enter your application information.  Many of the data boxes default to industry norms and boxes outlined in RED are the only required inputs.  Any additional information you can provide helps narrow the selection of products that meet the needs of your application.
  2. As application details are entered, the results panel on the right will update with the actuator series that meet your application criteria.
  3. After you have entered your information, click the "Generate Results" button and calculations will be performed to determine individual products that meet the demands of your application.
  4. Click the "Compare" button to view the actuators that meet the demands of your application and sort by the criteria most important to you.
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Operating Parameters
Celsius Fahrenheit
Celsius Fahrenheit
Application Type

Step 1: Select spanned or cantilevered.
Step 2: Click the appropriate image that closely matches your application
Step 3: Select customer-provided load support that matches your application

Plain Bearing Ball Bearing Self Aligning Bearing
Orientation of Actuator
Impact Point
Motion Details
External Forces
Steel on steel Steel on steel (lubricated) Aluminum on steel Copper on steel Brass on steel Teflon on steel



Additional Forces


Moments Forces
Retract Extend

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