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This tool is intended to be a digital guide to help you quickly and easily find the right Parker product to suit your applications needs. To use this tool simply fill in as much, or as little information as you know about your application in the fields below. The more information provided, the most specific solution you'll see rendered in the right hand pane. Once you've filled out all the information you know about your application, click 'Include in Compare' on all the products that you'd like to compare to evaluate the performance of relative to each other. Once you've made a determination around what product you feel is best for your application, simply click 'Configure' to be passed onto our electronic product configuration tool, and then proceed to be passed onto 'My Projects.' From the 'My Projects space you will be able to save and recall application information, share a project with a co-worker or colleague, request Parker engineering support, or request a quote for a project that you've built out.

Application Type


Measured from the center of gravity of the load relative to the center of the carriage.

Payload value will be specified in each motion segment below.


Axis Motion Profile: Segment 1
Steel on steel Steel on steel (lubricated) Aluminum on steel Copper on steel Brass on steel Teflon on steel

Axis Motion Profile
Application Details

Lifetime (weeks)

Calculated Values
0.0000 m/s
0.0000 m/s²
0.0000 kg
0.0000 N
0.0000 N
0.0000 N
0.0000 N
0.0000 Nm
0.0000 Nm
0.0000 Nm

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